Ni-Met Polymers Inc., part of our group, is very active company supplying plastic scrap from Canada, USA, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Peru, Ecuador, Germany, Spain, Eastern Europe, India and others delivering materials to North America, Asia and Europe.  Ni-Met offers you several advantages in working with us:

  • We have a constant flow  of  material, even when markets are down

  • Our marketing reach is very wide and our buyers are stable

  • We have clients for all different qualities of plastic scrap.

  • We work together with suppliers to understand their quality so we find buyers that are the right match and get the best offer.

Ni-Met Group was founded by Mr. Anil Shah and began activities in the recycling material market more  than 35 years .  

Our headquarters are located in Canada and we have several offices in India, China, Middle East, Thailand, etc.

Ni-Met Group has a  yearly turnover of US$ 250 million. We are ISO certified and are one of the first AQSIQ holders for exports to China.


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Tel: +1 (289) 291-1111 

Fax: +1 (289) 291-1100

E-MAIL: info@ni-met.com


2939 Portland Drive, Suite 300

Oakville ON -  L6H 5S4, Canada

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